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UK Car Mats offer a wide range of tailored accessories suitable specifically for your car. Our product line includes a variety of custom car mats that take floor mats fixings and safety into consideration. Whether it be tailored rubber mats or carpet, each is designed and developed to complement your vehicle whist being focused on comfort and durability. We have experience in bringing innovative automotive accessories direct to the public and separate our product lines from generic car accessories. Our mats are manufactured to BS ISO 9001 Standards to give proud confidence in our manufacturing methods and processes. Bringing automotive excellence usually found from original parts and accessories directly to the after market and open market.

Rubber Car Mats have generally only been available from the car dealerships directly due to the engineering and development costs involved. However, UK Car Mats are now offering an expansive range of vehicle specific custom moulded rubber car mats. Some car mat manufacturers are attempting to offer PVC style car mats to pass off as a tailored rubber car mat. However the difference between a fully moulded OEM or Automotive Specification Rubber Car Floor Mat and any cheaper solutions is significantly apparent. Our rubber mats are manufactured using automotive approved rubber compounds and materials. They are developed to the same dimensions as their original accessory counterparts and are custom moulded from vehicle specific tools and moulds. We strive to continue to expand the range and develop this product line extensively.

Precision Moulded Vehicle Specific Rubber Mats - directly comparable to the dealership equivalent.

Alongside conventional small passenger car floor mats, we also stock a number of carpet and rubber van mats suitable for the front cabin area. In some instances these van mats are offered as a one piece mat to cover the entire floor area. For many vans, the floor mats are supplied as a two piece set, with integral mat safety fixing systems similar to the genuine van mats available. These right hand drive van mats are available for dispatch throughout the UK, Ireland and Australia - and are often developed where there is no existing rubber van mat in existence in the genuine accessories marketplace. Hitech Autoparts have the technical engineering and production capabillities to offer such extensive floor mats and intend to expand the range to cover most fleet and light commercial vehicles over time.

Genuine Hitech Rubber Van Mats tailored for an Exact Fit..

There is no better way to protect your car boot area than with a tailored car boot liner. Our rubber boot mats are trimmed to fit and have a heavy duty high grip top surface to ensure product life span, and to prevent excessive spillages of fluids and liquids whilst driving. The Hitech boot liner also encorporates and integral centrally located raised lip area - in order to again limit overspilling and stains. Our boot mats offered are designed to protect the full flat load area space within the boot area and are easy to roll and remove when neccessary. Cleaning is also simple either with a damp cloth or by running under a garden hose. The boot mats and liners that are supplied by UK Car Mats are somewhat different in nature to their LDPE or Vaccum Formed Plastic counterparts, that are susceptible to cracking and poor product flexibility

Protect your car Boot Area Space with a high quality heavy duty rubber boot liner - suitable for all-weather conditions.

There is no better way to protect your vehicle bodywork and wheels than with tailored mud flaps. Effectively they assist inn diverting dirt and debris away from the tyres and inner wheel arch panels, therefore allowing for enhanced car road holding and less dirt and debris spraying onto the car bumpers and sills. Mud Flaps can offer protection throughout summer and winter conditions, and in many cases are simple to initially fit and remove if neccessary at a later date. By capturing the dirt initially intended for the car itself, they can be an invaluable investment for protection against unwanted stone chipping and paint damage.

Maintain your car value and keep dirt and debris at bay from causing excessive paint damage and blemishes. UK Car Mats have a wide range of tailored mud flaps.

We stock a number of different variants of rubber matting suitable specifically for a range of industries and applications. Some of the popular forms of rubber matting available include SBR rubber matting, EPD flooring, butyl rubber and nitrile rubber rolls. We sell both by the linear metre or alternatively by the roll depending upon customer requirements. Alongside these above mentioned forms of rubber matting, UK Car Mats also supply electical grade matting and industrial grade heavy duty flooring. The differences between each form of matting is unique in terms of individual properties.

Call us if you would like some advice as to which type of rubber matting would perform best for your given purpose. Our dedicated staff would be more than happy to assist you for your required needs.

UK Car Mats have a number of different services and delivery options dependent upon your location and speed of service required. Throughout the UK our preferred carrier is DPD who offer direct order tracking alongside our conventional tracking methods available. Generally speaking for mainland UK you can expect delivery of your car mats or accessories within 1 to 2 working days from dispatch notification. All deliveries are subject to our carriers' terms and conditions, but wherever there might be a delivery query or concern, our trained team will certainly follow up on your delivery status.

We ship throughout the UK and Ireland using DPD for secure and speedy delivery.

For international and expedited deliveries we have a range of approved carriers and agents to ensure high levels of customer service and signatures upon item collection.

Are UK Car Mats manufacturers and distributors of car mats?

Yes, we are the Aftermarket Division of Hitech Autoparts - suppliers to the Car Manufacturers directly since 1983.

Can I order car mats or rubber mats in bulk?

Yes. We have a number of trade clients and dealership groups. Should you be interested call us and we can assist.

I have got a car that I cannot seem to find products and accessories listed for. What can I do?.

Occasionally a time lag between development and the item being visible on our site. Give us a call and we will be able to help.