Genuine Hitech Ford Ka Tailored Chequered VS Rubber Car Mats 1996-08


Ford Ka Mk1 1996-08 Part of the Exclusive Hitech Vehicle Specific Chequered Rubber Mat Range as featured in Auto Express High-Quality All Weather OEM standard Rubber Car Mats. Fits the exact dimensions of your Car With Incorporated Moulded Heelpad. Fixations to Keep your mats in place. Anti-Slip pips moulded on the underside of the mats. Easy to clean and wipe down. Made from TPE, the latest, safest and environmentally friendly OEM Approved Material with no emissions or fogging, and odourless. This material has been designed and approved by the worlds leading OEM's in international laboratories to move away from the rubbers and nasty PVC's previously used. 4mm Thick. Manufactured in the UK by OEM Suppliers to OEM Standards.

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